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Maxifil Srl compravendita all'ingrosso di filati e tessuti anche a stock.

Commercio di filati di fibre naturali ed artificiali in rocche e gomitoli.

Wholesale of yarns and fabrics


maxifil LOGOThe company Maxifil work with professionalism and experience in the sector of buying and selling at wholesale the stock of hand knitting and knitwear yarns and fabrics.
Offering ample choice of products, combine with the seriousness, professionalism and competitiveness of the prices, Maxifil represent sound business ready to satisfy the attention requirements of their clientele


immaginenewsWe deal in wholesale of natural and artificial fibers yarn on cones for knitwear and in balls for hand knitting. All kind of yarn are selected in accurate way for guarantee always and anyway the products with quality and good quality/price ratio.


Our service:

news2We ship our yarns and fabrics on nationwide and world-wide level. We have the ample warehouse and we sell the yarns and fabrics in stock (end of lots), guaranteeing an excellence quality/price ratio.

Ample choice of products

Maxifil offer you wide set of yarn for knitwear and hand knitting, available in various compositions, thickness and colours. Our products are fir for knitwear and for work them by needles.