Who we are

maxifil LOGO grandeThe company Maxifil work with professionalism and experience in the sector of buying and selling at wholesale the stock of hand knitting and knitwear yarns and fabrics.
Offering ample choice of products, combine with the seriousness, professionalism and competitiveness of the prices, Maxifil represent sound business ready to satisfy the attention requirements of their clientele.
Our some key feature that gives the possibility to corner Italian and international markets:
Good quality-price ratio
Guarantee of goods "made in Italy"
Ample choice of goods
In more than 1000 sq. m for store, selection and exposition of goods it's possible to view the wide set of summer's and winter's yarns and fabrics.
The goods can be purchased for wholesaling by special prices, but also for retailers by affordable prices.
Contact us for information you need and you will find the courtesy, kindness and helpful for fulfill your requests.

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Ample choice of products

Maxifil offer you wide set of yarn for knitwear and hand knitting, available in various compositions, thickness and colours. Our products are fir for knitwear and for work them by needles.

Our service:

news2We ship our yarns and fabrics on nationwide and world-wide level. We have the ample warehouse and we sell the yarns and fabrics in stock (end of lots), guaranteeing an excellence quality/price ratio.